Release notes

Release 0.8.4 – Expanding the horizons

This release brings three new modules and expands authentication options for all plugins in the collection.

And because we would love your feedback, we’ve set up an issue tracker repository on GitHub for the collection. Help us improve by letting us know if you have any problems using the collection or any ideas for making it better!

New features:

  • It is now possible to authenticate with AWS CLI profiles via a new auth.profile parameter.

  • New module - ec2_volume.

  • New module - ec2_volume_info.

  • New module - s3_bucket_info.

Bug fixes:

  • ec2_security_group now ignores ICMP type/code parameters instead of failing when they are provided with non-ICMP protocols.


Release 0.8.3 – Enterprise & more

This release contains the first Enterprise feature of the AWS Ansible Collection - the EC2 inventory plugin.

New features:

  • [Enterprise only] Inventory plugin

  • Support for handling tags in ec2_vpc_address and s3_bucket via tags and clear_tags parameters.

  • Improved validation checks related to attachments of network interfaces to instances in ec2_network_interface.

Bug fixes:

  • Ignore invalid/non-existing ips instead of failing in ec2_vpc_address_info.

  • Fail gracefully when trying to create a bucket with a name that is already taken in s3_bucket.

  • Fixed the logic for choosing the next available device index in ec2_network_interface.