azure.azcollection collection (latest version: 2.3.0)

Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing platform, offering businesses and developers many scalable and flexible services. It enables organizations to build, deploy, and manage applications and services, leveraging a global network of data centers. Azure provides robust tools for data storage, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud-based solutions, empowering businesses to innovate and scale efficiently.

The azure.azcollection is an essential collection of Ansible modules and plugins for efficiently automating and managing Microsoft Azure resources. It facilitates seamless integration with Azure services, supporting scalable deployments and role-based access control for diverse Azure environments. This collection enhances Azure resource management, which is ideal for both small and large-scale operations, ensuring idempotent and customizable automation solutions.

Versions of this collection: 

Ansible plugins by type in the azure.azcollection collection: