chocolatey.chocolatey collection (latest version: 1.5.1)

Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows designed to simplify the installation, configuration, updating, and management of software applications and their dependencies through the command line or automation scripts. It leverages NuGet packaging infrastructure and PowerShell to provide a seamless and efficient way to manage Windows software. Chocolatey supports thousands of community-contributed packages, allowing users to install and maintain complex software stacks quickly and with minimal effort.

The chocolatey.chocolatey Ansible Collection offers tools to automate the installation, upgrade, and removal of software packages on Windows systems using Chocolatey as the package manager. It integrates Chocolatey's package management capabilities with Ansible's automation framework, streamlining software lifecycle management on Windows. This collection enables efficient management of Windows software packages through Ansible Playbooks, enhancing consistency and scalability in software deployment.

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