cisco.intersight collection (latest version: 2.0.8)

Cisco Intersight is a comprehensive cloud-operated management platform designed to streamline the administration of Cisco's computing, storage, and networking resources across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments. This platform aims to enhance automation, facilitate analytics, and enable policy-based management within data centers and hybrid clouds. Cisco Intersight offers significant efficiencies through its unified management interface by enabling centralized control, automating workflows, and integrating with a host of Cisco and third-party solutions. It essentially serves as a bridge that simplifies complex management tasks, improves operational efficiency, and helps organizations adapt to the ever-evolving demands of modern IT infrastructure.

The Cisco Intersight Ansible Collection equips users with the capability to automate a wide array of infrastructure management tasks in environments managed by Cisco Intersight through Ansible. This collection includes a set of modules and plugins that facilitate the automation of tasks such as configuring servers, managing policies, deploying profiles, and monitoring the health and status of resources. By integrating with Cisco Intersight, these Ansible modules significantly streamline the process of provisioning, managing, and orchestrating Cisco hardware and software solutions, fostering more efficient, scalable, and error-free operations. This automation functionality is especially valuable for organizations looking to achieve more agile and responsive IT infrastructure management practices.

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