cisco.iosxr collection (latest version: 9.0.0)

Cisco IOS XR devices run on the IOS XR operating system and are designed for carrier-grade networks. Using a microkernel architecture, IOS XR offers high uptime, scalability, and network efficiency. These devices are commonly found in service provider core networks, data center interconnects, and extensive enterprise networks, providing robust features like high availability, redundancy, and advanced networking capabilities such as support for routing protocols, MPLS, Segment Routing, and SDN functionalities.

The cisco.iosxr Ansible Collection provides a set of modules and roles specifically designed to automate the configuration, management, and monitoring of Cisco IOS XR devices. By leveraging this collection, network administrators and DevOps professionals can streamline tasks such as device provisioning, software upgrades, interface configurations, and troubleshooting on Cisco networking equipment running the IOS XR operating system. The collection simplifies the automation of various aspects of IOS XR devices, enhancing operational efficiency, consistency, and scalability in network management tasks.

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