cisco.nxos collection (latest version: 7.0.0)

NX-OS is a network operating system developed by Cisco Systems, primarily used for the Nexus series of Ethernet switches and MDS series of Fibre Channel storage area network switches. Originating from the Cisco SAN-OS, NX-OS is based on Wind River Linux and maintains compatibility with other Cisco operating systems. It is designed with a command-line interface like Cisco IOS, and recent versions offer Bash shell access.

The cisco.nxos Ansible collection is designed to automate Cisco NX-OS network devices. It includes various Ansible modules allowing users to configure system attributes, interfaces, VLANs, and more on NX-OS devices. This collection simplifies network automation tasks, making deploying and managing configurations across Cisco's Nexus series switches easier.

Versions of this collection: 

Ansible plugins by type in the cisco.nxos collection: