community.healthchecksio collection (latest version: 1.3.1) is a monitoring service that allows you to monitor the uptime, performance, and status of your web services, servers, and scheduled tasks. It provides a simple yet effective way to set up checks for your services and receive notifications if they go down or experience issues. offers features such as alerting via email, SMS, Slack, or webhooks, integration with various monitoring tools, status pages for public visibility, maintenance windows, and historical uptime data. It is a valuable tool for ensuring the reliability and availability of your critical systems and services by proactively monitoring and alerting you about any interruptions or failures.

The community.healthchecksio Ansible Collection provides modules and plugins for automating the management and monitoring of services using With this collection, users can create, update, and manage checks within, set up alerts for service monitoring, and integrate with their automation workflows. The collection streamlines setting up and maintaining monitoring checks for web services, servers, and tasks, allowing for proactive monitoring and timely alerts in case of downtime or issues. By leveraging the modules and plugins in the community.healthchecksio collection, users can enhance the reliability and availability of their systems by incorporating monitoring into their Ansible automation processes.

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