collection version 1.9.1

Hetzner's Robot is a web-based control panel provided by Hetzner Online, a web-hosting company based in Germany. The Robot control panel allows customers to easily manage their dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS), and other hosting services through a user-friendly interface. Users can perform various tasks such as server configuration, network management, resource monitoring, and more using the Robot control panel. It offers a centralized platform for managing and monitoring servers hosted with Hetzner Online, enhancing the overall user experience and simplifying server administration tasks.

The community.hrobot Ansible collection provides a set of Ansible modules that enable users to interact with Hetzner's Robot API in their automation workflows. This collection allows for the automation of various tasks related to managing Hetzner services, such as provisioning and configuring servers, managing networking settings, and performing maintenance operations. By leveraging the community.hrobot Ansible collection, users can streamline and simplify the management of their Hetzner infrastructure through automation, enhancing efficiency and ensuring consistency in server management tasks.

Ansible plugins by type for version 1.9.1 of the community.hrobot collection: