community.libvirt collection (latest version: 1.3.0)

Libvirt is an open-source toolkit and API that provides a unified way to interact with different virtualization technologies, such as KVM, Xen, QEMU, and others, offering a common interface for managing virtual machines and other virtualization resources. It supports operations like creating, modifying, monitoring, and migrating VMs and handles networking and storage management associated with virtual machines. Libvirt is widely used for its ability to abstract the complexities of various virtualization technologies, making it easier for developers and system administrators to manage virtualized environments across different hosts and platforms.

The community.libvirt Ansible collection includes modules and plugins designed for interacting with and managing virtual machines and other resources within environments that use the libvirt library. This collection enables users to automate tasks such as creating, starting, stopping, and configuring VMs, managing networks, and defining storage with libvirt through Ansible Playbooks. By leveraging this collection, system administrators and developers can integrate virtual machine management into their automated infrastructure workflows, ensuring consistent and efficient management of virtualized environments across multiple hosts.

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