community.molecule collection (latest version: 0.1.0)

Molecule is an open-source tool maintained by Ansible that aids in developing and testing Ansible roles. It supports testing roles in different scenarios and environments by setting up and running tests in isolated, disposable instances. Molecule can test Ansible roles against other operating systems, versions, and configurations to ensure the roles work as expected across various environments. By automating this testing process, Molecule helps maintain the quality and reliability of Ansible roles and accelerates the development cycle by catching issues early in the development process.

The community.molecule Ansible collection focuses on extending Molecule, the tool used for testing Ansible roles, to enhance testing capabilities within Ansible environments. It provides essential functionalities for running tests and managing role-testing processes. By offering specific modules, plugins, or extensions, this collection aims to streamline testing workflows, improve testing efficiency, and ensure the reliability and quality of Ansible roles developed and maintained by users.

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