community.proxysql collection (latest version: 1.5.1)

ProxySQL is an open-source, high-performance proxy server for MySQL and its forks like Percona Server and MariaDB. It acts as an intermediary between database clients and database servers, providing features such as advanced load balancing, query caching, query routing, failover handling, and connection pooling. ProxySQL helps improve MySQL database clusters' performance, scalability, and reliability by efficiently distributing queries among multiple database servers, handling failover scenarios seamlessly, and optimizing query execution. It is commonly used in environments where many database clients need to access MySQL databases, offering centralized control and effective database traffic management.

The community.proxysql Ansible Collection offers Ansible playbooks, roles, and modules to automate the installation, configuration, and management of ProxySQL instances. This collection streamlines tasks such as installing ProxySQL, managing configuration files, setting up query routing rules, configuring load balancing policies, and monitoring ProxySQL performance metrics. By utilizing this collection, system administrators and DevOps teams can efficiently automate the deployment and maintenance of ProxySQL proxy servers, enhancing MySQL database infrastructures' scalability, performance, and reliability.

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