community.yang collection (latest version: 1.1.0)

YANG (Yet Another Next Generation) is a data modeling language commonly used with NETCONF to describe network device configurations and operational data. Ansible leverages YANG models to effectively automate networking tasks, enabling structured interaction with network devices for configuration management and operational monitoring.

The community.yang Ansible Collection is a repository hosting Ansible modules and plugins designed to support YANG (Yet Another Next Generation), primarily for network devices. This collection includes plugins and modules for retrieving YANG models and fetching device configurations in JSON format. The collection aims to automate tasks related to network device management using YANG models and has been tested with Ansible versions >=2.9.10. Users can install the collection from Ansible Galaxy using the ansible-galaxy collection install community.yang command and leverage the provided plugins and modules in their playbooks for network device configuration and monitoring.

Versions of this collection: 

Ansible plugins by type in the community.yang collection: