nginxinc.nginx_core collection (latest version: 0.8.0)

NGINX is a popular open-source web server, reverse proxy server, and load balancer known for its high performance, scalability, and reliability. Initially created to address the challenges of handling high-traffic websites, NGINX is widely used to serve web content, manage incoming traffic, and distribute loads across multiple servers to improve website performance and reliability. In addition to its core web server and proxy server features, NGINX offers advanced functionalities such as caching, SSL termination, security features, and support for HTTP/2 and WebSocket protocols. NGINX is commonly used by developers, system administrators, and organizations to optimize web server performance, enhance web application delivery, and ensure high availability for their online services.

The nginxinc.nginx_core Ansible collection likely provides modules and plugins for managing and configuring NGINX web servers through automation with Ansible. This collection enables users to automate tasks related to installing, configuring, and maintaining NGINX configurations, including settings for virtual hosts, SSL/TLS certificates, load balancing, and other core NGINX features, using the nginxinc.nginx_core collection, administrators can streamline NGINX management, enforce consistent configurations, and automate routine tasks to ensure efficient and reliable web server operations within their infrastructure.

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