oasis_roles.system collection (latest version: 1.3.0)

Red Hat's Quality Engineering (QE) department focuses on testing and ensuring the quality, reliability, and performance of Red Hat's software products. The QE team conducts rigorous automated and manual testing, collaborates with teams across the organization, and works to improve software quality throughout the development cycle, ultimately delivering dependable solutions to customers.

The oasis_roles.system Ansible Collection, developed by Red Hat's Quality Engineering (QE) department, consists of roles for installing, configuring, and verifying Red Hat's software products and general system configurations. Initially designed for full-stack integrations by Red Hat QE teams, this collection includes a variety of roles tailored for Red Hat products and general system configurations. Each role is documented within its root folder, providing information on usage, arguments, and dependencies. While the roles primarily focus on Red Hat distributions and products, there is an openness to extending compatibility to other distributions with welcome contributions and improvements.

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