theforeman.foreman collection (latest version: 4.0.0)

Foreman is an open-source management platform that automates server configuration, provisioning, and monitoring. It integrates with various configuration management tools like Puppet, Chef, Salt, and Ansible, allowing administrators to handle the lifecycle management of physical and virtual servers from a single interface. Foreman provides capabilities for infrastructure discovery, bare-metal provisioning, orchestration of configuration and patch management, and reporting, making it a comprehensive tool for infrastructure anagement.

The theforeman.foreman Ansible collection offers a range of modules and roles for integrating Foreman's server lifecycle management capabilities into Ansible automation workflows. It enables the automation of tasks such as provisioning, configuring, and monitoring physical and virtual servers within the Foreman environment. This collection streamlines infrastructure management processes, enhancing the efficiency and scalability of server deployments and configurations through Ansible Playbooks.

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