Releasing the Sensu Go Ansible CollectionΒΆ

The Sensu Go Ansible collection is primarily available from Ansible Galaxy and Automation Hub. Which means that we need to get our content up there somehow. But before we can start uploading things, we need to do some chores first.

First, we need to tag the commit and move the stable branch forward:

$ VERSION=$(grep version: galaxy.yml | cut -d" " -f2)
$ git tag -am "Version $VERSION" v$VERSION
$ git branch -f stable v$VERSION

Now, we need to package the collection. Because the ansible-galaxy collection build command will package anything that it can find next to the galaxy.yml file, we need to execute it in a clean environment. This is why we will temporarily check out the stable branch into the release subdirectory, build the collection package, and then delete the checkout. This translates into the following sequence of commands:

$ git worktree add release stable
$ cd release
$ ansible-galaxy collection build
$ mv sensu-sensu_go-$VERSION.tar.gz ..
$ cd ..
$ git worktree remove release

Now we can upload the package to Ansible Galaxy:

$ API_KEY=api-key-from-
$ ansible-galaxy collection publish \
    --api-key "$API_KEY" \

Last thing we need to do is push the stable branch and created tag to the GitHub and attach the package to the GitHub release:

$ git push origin stable v$VERSION

We need to attach the asset manually at the moment. Fully automated solution is in the works.