ec2_volume – Manage EC2 EBS volumes

Create, update, delete, attach and detach EC2 Elastic Block Store volumes.


- name: Create an EC2 EBS volume
    name: first-volume
    state: detached
    size_gib: 5
    availability_zone: eun1-az1
  register: my_volume

- name: Update EC2 EBS volume size
    id: "{{ }}"
    state: detached
    size_gib: 15

- name: Attach the first-volume to the EC2 instance
    name: first-volume
      instance: i-18fg46a2dsd
      device: /dev/sdg
      keep_on_termination: no

- name: Delete EC2 EBS volume
    ids: "{{ }}"
    state: absent

- name: Create another EC2 EBS volume and attach it to the instance
    name: second-volume
    type: standard
    size_gib: 20
      instance: i-18fg46a2dsd
      device: /dev/sdf
      keep_on_termination: yes

See Also


attachment (optional)

The configuration for an attachment of the volume to an EC2 instance.

Required when creating a new volume if state is attached.

type: dict
device (required)

Make this volume available to the instance as a block device with this name.

Refer to and for more information on available and recommended device names.

type: str
instance (required)

The ID of the EC2 instance to attach the volume to.

type: str
keep_on_termination (optional)

Whether the volume should be present after the instance it is attached to is terminated.

type: bool
default: True
auth (optional)

Parameters for authenticating with the AWS service. Each of them may be defined via environment variables.

type: dict
access_key (optional)

The AWS access key ID. If not set, the value of the AWS_ACCESS_KEY environment variable will be checked.

Mutually exclusive with profile.

type: str
profile (optional)

The name of the AWS profile configured with aws configure.

Can be used instead of explicitly specifying your access credentials and region.

Use default to use the default profile.

Mutually exclusive with access_key and secret_key.

type: str
region (optional)

The name of the AWS region.

If not set, the value of the AWS_REGION environment variable will be checked.

If you set a profile that specifies a default region, that region is used and you can omit this parameter. Use this parameter to override the profile’s default region.

type: str
secret_key (optional)

The AWS secret access key. If not set, the value of the AWS_SECRET_KEY environment variable will be checked.

Mutually exclusive with profile.

type: str
url (optional)

The URL to the AWS service related to the resource. By default, this is automatically determined through the region parameter.

If not set explicitly, the value of the AWS_<SERVICE>_URL environment variable will be used.

The services currently supported are EC2 and S3.

type: str
availability_zone (optional)

ID of the availability zone in which to create the volume.

Required when creating a volume if state is detached.

Mutually exclusive with attachment, as the module will automatically set the value of this parameter to the availability zone of attachment.instance.

type: str
clear_tags (optional)

Whether to clear any existing tags on the resource that are not explicitly stated in tags.

By default, existing tags are kept on the resource.

When this parameter is set to true, any pre-existing tags on the resource (including the name tag) are removed. To clear all tags except the name tag, make sure to provide the name parameter.

type: bool
id (optional)

ID of the EBS volume to perform the task on.

If specified, this parameter is used to identify the volume.

If omitted, a combination of name and availability_zone or attachment.instance and attachment.device is used to identify an existing volume.

type: str
name (optional)

The name tag of the EBS volume.

Required for the creation of the EBS volume.

type: str
size_gib (optional)

The size of the volume to create, in GiBs.

The minimum and maximum allowed size depends on the type.

If type=gp2, the allowed range is 1 to 16384 GiB.

If type=st1, the allowed range is 500 to 16384 GiB.

If type=standard, the allowed range is 1 to 1024 GiB.

type: int
state (optional)

The desired state of the volume.

type: str
default: attached
choices: attached, detached, absent
tags (optional)

Metadata for the AWS resource as key/value pairs.

Keys and values are case-sensitive.

type: dict
type (optional)

Type of the EBS volume to create.

gp2 stands for General Purpose SSD, st1 for Throughput Optimized HDD, standard for standard Magnetic volumes.

Note that the value of this parameter affects the allowed range for the size_gib parameter.

Refer to for more information on EBS volume types.

If you omit this parameter when creating an EC2 volume, the default type gp2 will be used.

type: str
choices: gp2, st1, standard

Return Values

object (success and C(state=[attached|detached])), dict, {‘object’: {‘id’: ‘vol-07bf55269d200d90e’, ‘type’: ‘standard’, ‘size_gib’: 5, ‘availability_zone’: ‘eun1-az1’, ‘tags’: {‘Name’: ‘myfirstvolume’}, ‘state’: ‘available’, ‘attachment’: {‘instance’: ‘i-18fg46a2dsd’, ‘device’: ‘/dev/sdf’, ‘keep_on_termination’: True}}}

A representation of the EC2 EBS volume.

id (always), str,

The ID of the volume.

type (always), str,

The type of the volume.

size_gib (always), int,

Size of the volume in GiB.

availability_zone (always), str,

The ID of the availability zone in which the volume exists.

tags (always), dict,

The tags assigned to this volume.

state (always), str,

State of the EC2 volume as reported by AWS.

attachment (when I(state=attached)), dict,

The attachment of this volume to an instance, if any.

instance (always), str,

The ID of the instance the volume is attached to.

device (always), str,

Name of the block device under which this volume is available to the instance.

keep_on_termination (always), bool,

Whether the volume is preserved when terminating the instance.