ec2_instance_info – List EC2 instances

Retrieve information about AWS EC2 instances.


- name: List all EC2 instances
  register: result

- name: List a specific EC2 instance
    ids: i-0c79884ded545df1a
  register: result

- name: List several EC2 instances according to their name tag
      - app-server
      - db-server
  register: result


ami (optional)

ID of the AMI used to launched the instance

type: str
auth (optional)

Parameters for authenticating with the AWS service. Each of them may be defined via environment variables.

type: dict
access_key (optional)

The AWS access key ID. If not set, the value of the AWS_ACCESS_KEY environment variable will be checked.

Mutually exclusive with profile.

type: str
profile (optional)

The name of the AWS profile configured with aws configure.

Can be used instead of explicitly specifying your access credentials and region.

Use default to use the default profile.

Mutually exclusive with access_key and secret_key.

type: str
region (optional)

The name of the AWS region.

If not set, the value of the AWS_REGION environment variable will be checked.

If you set a profile that specifies a default region, that region is used and you can omit this parameter. Use this parameter to override the profile’s default region.

type: str
secret_key (optional)

The AWS secret access key. If not set, the value of the AWS_SECRET_KEY environment variable will be checked.

Mutually exclusive with profile.

type: str
url (optional)

The URL to the AWS service related to the resource. By default, this is automatically determined through the region parameter.

If not set explicitly, the value of the AWS_<SERVICE>_URL environment variable will be used.

The services currently supported are EC2 and S3.

type: str
filters (optional)

Filters to use when retrieving information about, or managing AWS resources, provided as key/value pairs.

Keys and values are case-sensitive.

type: dict
ids (optional)

Perform the operation for the specified resources.

type: list
names (optional)

Limit the results to the resources with specified names.

type: list
states (optional)

Limit the results to EC2 instances in the specified states.

By default, the module includes instances in all states except terminated.

This parameter cannot contain terminated, as terminated instances are treated as absent.

type: list
default: [‘pending’, ‘running’, ‘stopping’, ‘stopped’, ‘shutting-down’]
subnet (optional)

ID of the subnet where the instance is running.

type: str
type (optional)

Type of the EC2 instance.

type: str

Return Values

object (success), complex, )

An object representing the EC2 Instance.

id (always), str, i-841b9271gd)

ID of the EC2 instance.

launched_at (always), str, 2020-04-15 08:08:40+00:00)

The time when instance was launched.

type (always), str, a1.xsmall)

EC2 instance type.

ami (always), str, ami-0343ab73df9eb1496)

ID of the AMI used to launched the instance.

vpc (always), str, vpc-129385ns2s2)

ID of the VPC containing the instance.

subnet (always), str, subnet-14hs85ns83hg)

ID of the subnet containing the instance.

availability_zone (always), str, az-use-1)

ID of the availability zone for the instance.

security_groups (always), list, [‘sg-27fhs72gs922f’])

IDs of security groups associated with the instance.

network_interface (always), str, eni-2dfr38df335)

ID of the instance’s primary network interface.

secondary_network_interfaces (always), list, [])

IDs of the secondary network interfaces attached to the instance.

key_pair (always), str, my-key-pair)

Name of the key pair to be used when connecting to the instance.

tenancy (always), str, default)

The instance tenancy setting.

monitoring (always), str, detailed)

CloudWatch monitoring mode for the instance.

on_instance_initiated_shutdown (always), str, terminate)

The behavior when shut down is initiated from the instance.

state (always), str, running)

State of the EC2 instance as reported by AWS.